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Nadi - Beach bag - Large

SKU: NAD2105
Sale price399,00 kr
Color:Stucco / Off White
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Introducing our NADI beach bag, the epitome of minimalistic cool. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this beach bag is made of high-quality cotton ropes, ensuring durability and a touch of natural charm.

The NADI beach bag features a sleek and clean design, with a white upper that exudes a sense of effortless elegance. Adding a stylish twist, the bottom is adorned with a vibrant contrast color, making it a true standout accessory.

Whether you're going on a picnic, embarking on a shopping spree, or simply enjoying a lazy day at the beach, this bag has got you covered. Its spacious interior provides ample room for all your essentials, ensuring that you can carry everything you need in style and convenience.

At Lovelies, we prioritize both style and sustainability. That's why our Flamencos beach bag is made from a blend of cotton and recycled polyester, offering durability while minimizing our environmental impact. With a logo in vegan leather, this bag exudes a sense of luxury and craftsmanship that sets it apart from the rest. Each bag is hand-made, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Not only does the NADI beach bag look chic, but it's also incredibly functional.


  • Cotton and recycled polyester
  • Logo in vegan leather
  • Hand made

Size: Wide 45 cm / Height 40 cm

For those cheerful springdays and warm sunny summerdays all you need is a gorgeous beach bag.  Lovelies has made an elegant one in cotton and recycled polyester and it comes in 6 beautiful colours.    Whether you’re off to a picnic, going shopping or having a lazy day at the beach, a Lovelies beach bag will be your true companion.  Enjoy your Lovelies!  Material:  Cotton and recycled polyester Logo in leather Hand made Size: Weight 45 cm / Height 40 cm
Nadi - Beach bag - Large Sale price399,00 kr