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Sande - Shearling high slippers

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The key to the incredible comfort of the Sande slippers lies in their warm shearling material. Crafted from 100% sheepskin, these slippers offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. During the winter months, the shearling provides lightweight insulation, keeping your feet toasty and warm. As spring arrives, the natural temperature-regulating properties of sheepskin come into play, ensuring your feet stay comfortable and dry.

Upon first trying on the Sande slippers, you may notice a snug fit across your toes and instep. However, fear not, as the slippers are designed to adapt to your feet over time. As the wool starts to bed down and mold to the contours of your feet, you'll experience a custom fit that maximizes comfort. Within an hour or so of wearing, you'll find the slippers loosening up and embracing your feet like a gentle embrace.

So, whether you're curling up with a book by the fireplace or taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle, slip into the Lovelies Studio Sande shearling high slippers and experience the epitome of comfort and luxury. These slippers are more than just footwear; they're a sanctuary for your feet, enveloping them in softness and warmth. Treat yourself to a pair of Sande slippers and discover the joy of walking on clouds.

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Made with 100% Sheepskin: This incredible material balances form with function, offering a chic look with lightweight insulation in the winter and temperature regulation when spring arrives.

  • Outsole: Lightweight, durable rubber sole
  • Footbed: Shearling
  • Lining / Upper : Double faced shearling
  • Upper/ Opening:  Shearling

      Soft and cosy shearling high slippers  Lovelies shearling high slippers are the essence of comfortability. When you’re in the need of surrounding your feet in soft and warm slippers, Lovelies shearling slippers are the answer. With soft and durable soles, warm shearling and a gorgeous design, you’ll never want to wear any other home-shoe to make you feel at ease.
      Sande - Shearling high slippers Sale price€122,95