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Mittens, gloves & hats Size Chart

Gloves & Mittens Size Chart For Women

Size Circumference (cm) Length (cm)  Size (cm)


15,5 16 6
M 18 17 7
L 20,5 18 8


Measure Your Headsize

  • Grab a soft measuring tape and place it around your head about an inch above your eyebrows. Bring the tape around the back of your head above your ears. Ensure the tape is level all around and not too tight or loose. 
  • This measurement is your head circumference. 
  • With this measurement, consult the hat size chart (see below) to find your size.

Hat Size Chart For Women

Size   Circumference (cm)
S 54-55
M 56-57
L 58-59

How To Measure Your Headsize Without A Measuring Tape?

If you don’t have a soft measuring tape to hand, don’t worry; you can use a piece of string and measure your head size. Take your piece of string or yarn, measure the length against a ruler, and this will give you your head circumference measurement.